Parliment Hinges

Made to Order  Parliament Hinges and “H” Parliament Hinge.  Please specify size and whether Right or Left  when ordering.  See standard size drawing on the Price List & Ordering page also available is the Three Part Shutter Fastener (not pictured, see Acme  pricing page).  Custom sizing available, hinge can be altered to suit your needs, we can match samples of your existing Parliament Hinges or create custom hinges to meet your specifications. Priced Each.


DSC02417parlimant hinge


DSC02418Parliment Hinge Drawing

parliment Hinge 002



Parliment Hinge Drawing 001

2 Responses to Parliment Hinges

  1. Rich Dowd says:

    Hello, Sir. I bought some Zimmerman “cups” from you a few years back and they worked out well. I enjoyed talking with you at your shop about the work you do and the history of these old buildings and the way they are put together.

    Now I have a client who needs some of the Zimmerman cups, plus the multi-position pieces, plus hinges. I’ll find out on Thursday (5/7) how many of which parts.

    I believe the style of hinge I need is called a “Parliament” hinge: basically flat steel with a pin on one leaf and a cylinder on the other. One mounts to the window jamb, the other to to the shutter edge. Can you tell me if you have or make these? Can I bring you a sample to match? I do appreciate your help. You can reach me at, or by phone at 410-227-5997.

    Thanks very much.

    Rich Dowd

  2. Yes, Please call or email with any questions. 410-256-5890
    Comments posted for this website go to a web page manager, please call or email with any inquiries instead of posting a comment.

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