Wall Washers

Wall Washers, also known as: Wall Anchors, Brick Anchors, Tie Plates, Iron Tie-rod Plates, Earthquake Bolts, Pattress Plates, or Gib Plates.

Wall Washer Group

Wall Washer Group

Structural and Decorative use: The exterior washers, along with a bolt or tie-rod system, will tie a building together to keep masonry walls from bulging and spreading over time, this movement can lead to structural damage and ultimately collapse. Our structural castings are made with Grey Iron according to the ASTM A48/A48M Grey Iron castings specifications. For the complete ASTM standards visit: http://www.astm.org/Standards/A48.htm 

These wall washer castings are made from historically authentic and original patterns. Current wall washer applications may include structural reinforcement in new construction, historic buildings renovation & restoration, retaining walls, and applied as decorative elements. For additional decorative (non-structural) applications see our Decorative Cast Medallion options.

See price list for images and options

The Cast House Wall Washer Final Front

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